Dec 2, 2010

Parenting: Should a license of some sort be required?

Think about it... If you want to drive a car, you are required to get a license. Fly a plane. License. Get paid to give someone a bad haircut. Yep, you need a license.

But... want to make new human beings? All you need is the basic equipment God gave ya and you're good to go. Procreate away! Churn out new humans like a Xerox machine on crack.

Now, I'm as "Anti-Big Government" as the next guy. I'm down with "Don't Tread On Me." So I'm not saying we need DBM (Division of Baby Makin') offices with long lines and grumpy employees. Still, it seems like there should be some sort of screening process...

Full Disclosure: I don't have kids. Which means I can freely judge your parenting skills without fear of it coming back to bite me on the rump...

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tbbotts said...

Hi Todd,
I just got the internet back for an enormous price. I'm so far back in the dark ages that I don't even have a cell phone, so when it comes to knowing what to do with this computer, I'm really in tough shape. Anyway, I found a button for following blogs- it's always been there, I just never used it. In any event, I'll be following yours. Interesting take on parenthood. I'm afraid if I had to have a license, I'd still be childless.You have to hope that you learned some good parenting skills growing up. Otherwise it's a hit and miss situation, Nonetheless, I think God instills these skills in all of us. Just like any other choice we make, we have to choose to be good parents.