Jul 7, 2007

On the Road again...

Actually we just got off the road... We left Juneau on the ferry with Mom and Dad, and arrived in Haines. Then we drove 800 miles back to Wasilla, stayed the night, and then drove 300 miles to Homer. On the drive from Haines, we saw 7 bears, on with a cub.
In Homer, dad and I went halibut fishing. The first day was really good, with the largest fish being caught weighing in at 110 pounds. It wasn't caught by us, but another lady on the boat. The second day, the fish were smaller, but we both caught our limit.
Both evenings we ran the 80 miles back up to Kasilof to dipnet. The first night I caught one, and got skunked on the second night.
And know we are back home. Mom and dad fly out tomorrow morning.

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Tycen said...

1200+ miles of driving, dozens of pounds of fish, 7 bears...wow, you guys must be exhausted! So, do the 7 bears include mom and dad after being in a car that long?